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  • 2017

    • 2017/12/20 Release "Consequences Expected from the Final Drug Pricing Reform Package
      Industry concerned about Potential Impact for Japanese Patients and for the Japanese Economy" (PDF)
    • 2017/12/15 Release "EFPIA Japan re-elected Ole Mølskov Bech as Chairman for the coming two year period" (PDF)
    • 2017/12/8 Release "Drug Pricing Reform Proposals Presented to Date Unacceptable - Proposals continue to threaten early patient access and Japan’s global reputation as a pro-innovation country -" (PDF)
    • 2017/11/29 Release "PhRMA and EFPIA Shocked and Dismayed by Japanese Government’s Proposed Plans to Abandon Pro-Innovation Policy Environment - Proposal Threatens Patients’ Early Access to Medicines -" (PDF)
    • 2017/10/30 News Release "Thorsten Poehl to become new Vice Chairman of EFPIA Japan"(PDF)

      News Release "EFPIA Japan institutes MSL guideline for the purpose of sharing the common understanding among HCP and other stakeholders as to MSLs’ role and activities"(PDF)

    • 2017/10/27 The EFPIA Japan MSL Guideline (PDF)
      It is intended to be used as a reference for each pharmaceutical company to institute their own guideline.
    • 2017/10/24 "17th Conference on CRC and Clinical Trials 2017 in Nagoya –Presentation Materials of PhRMA/EFPIA Joint Seminar" (only in Japanese) presentation material (PDF) / poster session material (PDF)  
    • 2017/10/16 News Release "EFPIA Japan Patient Organization Support Program “PASE” First ever “PASE AWARD” winners decided" (PDF)

    • 2017/7/4 News Release "Notification of EFPIA Patient Organisation Support Program “PASE”" (PDF)

    • 2017/6/1 Materials for EFPIA-J Media Seminar held on 31 May

      ・EFPIA Japan and IMS drug market forecast for Japan based on current drug pricing

      policy proposals (PDF)

      ・There is a large room for rewarding innovation "Joint Drug Market Simulation by EFPIA/QuintilesIMS" (PDF)  
    • 2017/5/17 Statement on Biosimilars by EFPIA Japan (2017 version) (PDF)
    • 2017/3/2 Results of clinical trial environmental survey in 2016 (Only in Japanese) (PDF)
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