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  • 2016

    • 2016/12/22 News release "Ole Mølskov Bech to become new chairman of EFPIA Japan"(PDF)
    • 2016/12/15 “IFPMA World Health Partnerships Directory” (new edition) (PDF)
    • 2016/12/5 "Joint Statement Opposing Adoption of Annual Repricing"(PDF)
    • 2016/11/30 News release "Towards Fundamental Reform of the Japanese Pricing System"(only in Japanese)(PDF)
    • 2016/11/21 News release "EFPIA and PhRMA Regret the Continued Moves Away from a Pro-innovation Policy Environment and Call for a Partnership with Government to Restore Stability and Predictability in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Market"(PDF)
    • 2016/11/10 "Guidance and checklist for collaboration between Sponsor and CRO through clinical trials"(only in Japanese) (General statement: PDF) (Tool: PDF)
    • 2016/11/7 News release "EFPIA and PhRMA Companies Step Up Their Investment in Clinical Research in Japan: Results Benefitting Patients" (PDF)
    • 2016/11/7 "Research in Your Backyard: Japan" Contribution of PhRMA and EFPIA Member Companies to Japanese Society & Economy Through Clinical Trials of Innovative Medicines (PDF)
    • 2016/10/26 "16th Conference on CRC and Clinical Trials 2016 in Omiya –PhRMA/EFPIA Joint Seminar Results of questionnaire on role division and collaboration of medical institutions and clinical trial sponsors completed by CRCs and CRAs (only in Japanese) (PDF)
    • 2016/7/13 "EFPIA Japan contribute JPY123 million to Kumamoto Earthquake relief efforts" (PDF)
    • 2016/7/6 "EFPIA’s Statement on Secure Supply of Vaccines" (PDF)
    • 2016/3/14 "SMD Program", that certifies global specialists on drug development, will begin. EFPIA-J is involved in the introduction of this program. (only in Japanese)
    • 2016/1/27 "The positioning and activity principles of MSL" (PDF)
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