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Message from Chair of European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, Japan(EFPIA Japan)

Heike Prinz, Chair of EFPIA Japan

Heike Prinz

EFPIA Japan was established in 2002 and represents 21 R&D-based European pharmaceutical companies operating in the Japanese market. We are the voice of the European innovative pharmaceutical industry in Japan. Our mission is to contribute to the welfare of the Japanese population through the provision of innovative pharmaceuticals and vaccines without delay.

Combined sales from EFPIA member companies account for around one-quarter of the pharmaceutical market in Japan, and our member companies are all very active in research and development, together generating nearly one-third of all the new drugs introduced in Japan in recent years. In terms of both sales and the development of new treatments, we are therefore an important part of the Japanese health care universe.

The demands on the global as well as the Japanese healthcare environments are undergoing rapid change, and healthcare systems have to evolve in response to the increasing demands. EFPIA Japan engages in constructive dialogue with the government and other stakeholders in order to address current issues and to find solutions that will support a healthcare system able to meet the challenges of e.g. an ageing population or new advanced medical technologies being made available. We actively share best practices from Europe within Japan and make contributions to the policy debate, based on the following four desired outcomes that we believe all stakeholders can support:

  • ensure the sustainability of universal healthcare coverage (UHC)
  • ensure patient access to innovative treatments
  • restore the predictability and stability to the Japanese pharma market
  • reward innovation and improve the quality of healthcare in Japan

The R&D-based pharmaceutical industry has contributed greatly to the extension of life and the improvement of quality of life for patients around the world. EFPIA Japan is committed to furthering this contribution to the patients and the people of Japan.

The public health emergency has underlined the importance of medical innovation and we as the R&D-based industry reaffirm our commitment to sharing our knowledge and resources to fight against the pandemic. As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across the world including Japan, we remain firmly committed to caring for those affected and supporting healthcare workers in the frontline. EFPIA Japan member companies are heavily engaged in initiatives to develop treatments and vaccines to tackle the current and future outbreaks and are also doing our utmost to ensure stable supply of medicines that are essential to the uninterrupted treatment of patients in need.