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Governance and Legal Committee

Governance and Legal Committee, newly established by the merger of Corporate Ethics Committee and Intellectual Property and Legal Committee, covers legal, ethics and compliance area of business in which member firms are required to be adaptive to changes in business environment. Governance Legal Committee keeps its predecessors as two working groups (WG).

Corporate Ethics WG: Makes proposals to enable member firms to conduct business in compliance with a proper level of ethics and compliance standard. Facilitates compliance workshops where member firms can exchange its opinions on ethics and compliance in the pharmaceutical industry. On behalf of EFPIA Japan, closely and proactively working with Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association and other healthcare industry associations, promotes a level of business compliance in the pharmaceutical industry in Japan.

Intellectual Property and Legal WG: Investigates and studies the latest legislations, regulations and IP strategies in the healthcare industry in Europe as well as Japan. Exchanges opinions with member firms and industry associations, and makes proposals relating to Intellectual Property and legal matters. Contributes to the advancement of healthcare industry legislations and regulations in Japan.